Chip In’s for CCAC Animals

CCAC Rescue Funding Furmummy’s Feline Rescue set this Chip In up for asking for donations for animals pulled from the CCAC Shelter in Whiteville NC,  notice the wording, they admit they pull WITHOUT a commitment for these animals.

One Chip In is for South Robeson Vet in NC for $4,150.00

Second Chip In is for Dog Wood vet in NC for $5,060.00.

Rescue is a very expensive act to do however many people rescue all day long and do not ask for money every single day and nor the amounts that I am seeing from this one group.

As for Furummy’s Feline Rescue I can not find in any state where this organization is registered or licensed. I can not find any CCAC Rescue Team that is registered or licensed. However the Furmummy’s Feline Rescue I could track to South Wales in the UK. Why is someone from the UK collecting donations of money for animals that are in North Carolina? What is so important about North Carolina for not just this group to flock to but others as well? If you only go to FaceBook and search North Carolina Rescue Groups, Animal Shelters or anything about that State you will find a bountiful numbers of posts. All for this one state, North Carolina what are you doing down there is the question?

( Click on the picture to enlarge for view )


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