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Seven Star Rescue announces Michigan location to open

December 2010

( click on picture for a larger view)

Seven Star Sanctuary & Rescue in Paris Kentucky announces their plans for a second location to open in Michigan on a North Carolina Face Book page of animals on death row in a County Shelter in Columbus County NC.

Now only using the documents I have from the State of Michigan, the Michigan location operated and ran for about 6 months without ever passing a single Inspection. Per the State of Michigan this location was visited by the Michigan Dept of Agriculture and Rural Development on May 20, 2011 and set a meeting for June 16, 2011 to discuss these issues. Per their State Documents they were in violation of MDARD MCL 287.336 Section 6.  It as also noted that this location was in full operation and had animals on sight that had been brought into the State from Southern Shelters. Many are thrilled to see Southern animals saved, but does Michigan not have any animals being euthanized daily in their own Shelters? Seems like it would be cheaper for every rescue to save in their own state and would also eliminate the use of unlicensed animal transporters and long hauls for these animals packed in tiny crates for hours after hours.

I bring this out as now we are starting to see where from the very beginning Seven Star Rescue asked for public donations as they had not set up a operating budget before taking on this business, but also the fact that on these State Papers Pam Boyce was the signature and was also listed as the CEO. So why is Pam Boyce not listed in the Michigan Federal Lawsuit as a Plaintiff? Was this an over sight from a overzealous Law Firm or a strategic plan to dissolve ties with the main Kentucky Location so they could file in a Michigan Federal Court where their good friend was employed?

Seven Star Sanctuary and Rescue has from day one asked for donations from the general public, so how is it that these few defendants made it impossible for them to collect funds years after they opened for business? Was it by speaking out about many Animal Rescuers and Animal Transports not being properly licensed or registered with their states?  So far it looks like the Defendants were on target with their statements in regards to these business filings and lack there of.

The blame game is about to be played out in court I would assume. An event we see all to often in Animal Rescue, someone makes a mistake on their own accord and they feel they need to blame other’s for their own mistakes. Grow up Animal Rescuers, learn the Rules and Regulations before you open up shop and find yourself in a world of hurt and blame everyone else instead of accepting you made a mistake, learn from it and move on.


Seven Star Sanctuary & Rescue Paris Kentucky

Dec 14,2010

Taken from Seven Star’s Paris Kentucky Face Book Page in their own words, we need money, it cost’s us about $125.00 a week to feed the dog’s and cat’s we have on our property.

( Click on picture for larger view)

Now we all know running an Animal Rescue is very costly, and I don’t begrudge anyone asking for help when the help goes back to the animals. However the point here is the date this plea was posted and the charge this same group filed in a Michigan Federal Court saying their funds only ran low to their Rescue due to the Defendants systemically running a defamatory enterprise against the Plaintiffs by publishing defamatory statements on Face Book.  ( I took this right from the court complaint)

Now from the court complaint itself, the case was filed on Jan 26,2012 and most references from the complaint list a timeline of late June and July of 2011 only. So how it is events that took place in June and July of 2011  on Face Book diminished their donations 7 months prior back in time of December 2010? Does someone own a time machine they used for this act to be accomplished?

This is starting to look more and more like a personal vendetta from the Plaintiffs towards this set of Defendants. So far I have been able to find no real facts or evidence to show where a systematic campaign was operated by the Defendants. If anyone has any evidence to enlighten us all please email us at AlegalKnot@gmail.com.


Powabunga seems to be where you can find Penelope Shaw Ashenhurst asking for money for a great number of causes.

It’s very rare that I have seen someone in Animal Rescue asking to Vet their personal cat’s or animals, ask the general public to maintain their personal car for repairs and inspection or even to donate monies to them so they can purchase new carpet for their home.

Is this what really is taking place in the Animal Rescue world these days? If so donator please beware, it seems your donations are now going for the life style of those who want to be rich and famous off the animals on death row.

I wonder if all the member of the Seven Star Rescue and Sanctuary behave in this fashion?  We saw prior where Melissa Impens was asking for people to pay her rent, what has Mary Joe Thomas and Pam Boyce received from the donations thru their 501c3 Non profit rescue?

This is when we need the IRS to be watching the internet, maybe they will pick this up and set up a fresh audit for all these requested donations from this one group.

Click on the link for all her auctions


Gentle Giants Rescue Court Battle

In August 2005 a lawsuit was filed in the Orange County Courthouse  by Burt and Tracy Ward of Gentle Giants Rescue naming the defendants as Barbara Laird and Marc Sayer along with 2 others. This along with some of the other suits is very extensive and for all the correct legal information I suggest you click on the below link to read each court document.

What’s  going on in Animal Rescue that people feel if their feelings get hurt they need to run into court and sue someone else for their own mistakes?

The below case, if you take the time to read it will be worth your time. All court filings have been listed for view.



Wards File Suit
November 2005

In August 2005, Burt and Tracy Ward and Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions filed suit against Barbara Laird and Marc Sayer  and 2 other individuals in the Orange County Superior Court, in an attempt to stop them from speaking out to the public about their rescue operation and about how they have drastically impacted other peoples’ lives as a result of adopting Great Danes from their organization.

The suit alleges 7 separate Causes of Action.

  •    Defamation (Libel) of Burt and Tracy
  •      Defamation (Trade Libel) of Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions Inc.
  •      Intentional Interference With Potential Economic Advantage of Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions Inc.
  •      Negligent Interference With Potential Economic Advantage of Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions Inc.
  •      Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress of Burt and Tracy
  •      Negligence
  •      Injunctive Relief

Their attempts to intimidate and bully people will not prevent us from continuing to try to keep people informed. That sort of behavior may have worked for them in the past, but they are dealing with a new mindset now.  We are careful to verify and document what we publish, or to clearly state when we are voicing an opinion or theorizing, and we believe we are within our rights under the First Amendment to speak out on these issues. Gentle Giants is a 501c3 public charity, and as such they are subject to public scrutiny. What happens there is of interest to other adoptors, other rescues, to public shelters and other agencies, and to the public in general. The public has a right to know how this public charity conducts themselves.

The Wards and Gentle Giants brought suit against their local newspaper, the Press Enterprise two years ago, over a story about waste runoff. On July 23, 2004, the Riverside Superior Court dismissed the lawsuit as a meritless SLAPP and the Wards were ordered to pay the defendants $51,000 in attorney fees and court costs.

In our investigations, we heard from many adopters and others that Burt and Tracy Ward often threatens lawsuits, along with threats to “repossess” dogs adopted from Gentle Giants, as a way to intimidate people and keep them from speaking out or taking action.  In part, these intimidation efforts have been successful, but only because people were not aware of their rights or were afraid of being sued. A rescue may be able to sue you for breach of contract if you fail in some way to abide by the legally enforceable portions of the contract, and thereby get a monetary judgment against you. But not all portions of a contract are necessarily legally enforceable and failure to abide by an unenforceable clause or section should not be grounds for breach of contract. Laws vary from state to state. So it is always best to consult a lawyer, and to know exactly what your rights are. It is much harder to bully someone who knows their rights and responsibilities under the law. Bullies do not want you to know your rights.

What are we doing about it?
October 2005

Our attorneys have filed  “Special Motions to Strike” the lawsuit as a meritless SLAPP.  This is a Meritless Law Suit. !!!  

To learn more about California Anti-SLAPP Laws (Stragetic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) visit    http://www.casp.net     (California Anti-Slapp Project)

The State of California has set up laws to protect individuals from being sued as a result of informing the public of safety and public concerns

Update 10/27/05 – The Wards are back in court today trying to force Sayer to shut down his website. Sayer has a hearing at 1:30 this afternoon on their emergency request for a temporary restraining order pending a ruling on their request for a permanent injunction.

Update 10/27/051:30 P.M.– The judge tossed out Burt Ward’s request for a temporary restraining order, telling them he saw little to no chance they could prevail in their request for a permanent injunction so he saw no reason to issue a temporary restraining order. They have requested and been granted a hearing on the permanent injunction on Nov. 18th., but the judge said he was skeptical that Mr. Ward could convince him to issue such an injunction.

Update  11/18/05  11:30 A.M. –  Burt Ward appeared in court today to obtain an injunction against Marc Sayer (producer of Rescue Watchdog website) and was denied AGAIN, after previously being denied on October 27, 2005 of a temporary restraining order against Mr. Sayer.

February 21, 2006   1:45 P.M.

Court decision has been made!
The Judge has dismissed ALL actions against ALL of us (Barbara Laird, Marc Sayer & Renee Broden) based on this case being a Meritless SLAPP Lawsuit because Gentle Giants / Burt Ward was unable to prove to the Judge that they could prevail IF this case went to trial.

As a reminder, the actions against us WERE as follows:
  •    Defamation (Libel) of Burt and Tracy
  •     Defamation (Trade Libel) of Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions Inc.
  •      Intentional Interference With Potential Economic Advantage of Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions Inc.
  •      Negligent Interference With Potential Economic Advantage of Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions Inc.
  •      Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress of Burt and Tracy
  •      Negligence
  •      Injunctive Relief

  • Click here to view a copy of the Laird’sSpecial Motion to Strike, filed on October 21, 2005
  • Click here to view a copy of the Laird’s Declaration to the Special Motion to Strike, filed on October 21, 2005
  • Click here to view a copy of the Sayer & Broden’sSpecial Motion to Strike, filed on October 24, 2005
  • Click here to view a copy of the Sayer & Broden’s Exhibits to the Special Motion to Strike, filed on October 24, 2005
California Anti-SLAPP Project

Dedicated to First Amendment Rights
GentleGiantNews © 2006-2008 All Rights Reserved.
  • Click here to view a copy of Judge Moberly’s Granting the Special Motion to Stike, filed on February 24, 2006

2 years later Dog’s still wait to be sign over in Animal Cruelty Raid in Cape May NJ.

Dogs taken from SPCA raid still can’t be adopted

May 5,2012  Update   NJ SPCA

To All : This case that is dragging out in Cape May Courthouse is being “handled” by Judge Batten and the mailing address is 4 Moore Road DN1110 Cape May Courthouse, NJ 08210-1654 The defendants name is Dawn Scheld and there were 60 dogs removed from her because of the neglect and abuse and now one year later the case …still drags on with no decision by the Court and the Judge has allowed delay after delay by the defense and these animals need to be helped. If you can write the Judge and ask him why this case still has not been heard it would help. Please help me speak for these animals. Many shelters in south Jersey have been impacted by this case and they continue to care for these dogs while the defendant walks free..unbelievable Capt


Last Updated on Wednesday, 10 August 2011 12:15 Written by Staff Reports Wednesday, 10 August 2011 12:05

Attention: open in a new window. PDFPrintE-mail                                                                                                                                                                        Lacey, a shepard mix, was among dogs rescued from a Dec. 18, 2010, raid in Middle Township.


MIDDLE TOWNSHIP – They are sad and lonely. They want to be around people. Most of all, the dogs just want a good home.

Since December, seven dogs have lived in cages at the Cape May County Animal Shelter at the Crest Haven Complex, Cape May Court House. Another one arrived at the shelter later.

They can’t be adopted – just yet.

They were among 60 dogs that were rescued when officers with the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals raided a Goshen Road home in Cape May Court House Dec. 18, 2010. The animals had been living in deplorable conditions, officials contend, and some had even died.

Over half of the 60 dogs, still owned by Dawn Marie Scheld, 46, of Goshen Road, Cape May Court House, were taken to area shelters, where they remain. The animal cruelty case involving four defendants is still winding its way through the court system, with a status conference slated for next month.

In the meantime, the animals suffer, Cape May County Animal Shelter shelter manager Judy Davies said.

She said the staff has no time to give the dogs personal training. And the dogs are unfortunately unlearning how to socialize, she said.

For her, the circumstances are frustrating.

Shelter animal attendant Crystal Blackburn agrees, calling the situation “ridiculous.”

Davies wants the dogs to be signed over, so they can be adopted out.

Blackburn said the dogs are “sweet,” and that just one of them isn’t good with other dogs.

As of Monday, Aug. 8, Davies said 15 percent of the dogs at the shelter are from the animal cruelty case. Forty of the dogs aren’t from the case, she said.

“So that’s significant,” she said.

That percentage has hovered from 20 to 15 percent since last year, she said. Davies expects the situation to continue an additional four or five months. The waiting game continues.

A status conference, which will include several motions, is set for Friday, Sept. 9, at the Cape May County Courthouse at 9 North Main Street in Cape May Court House.

According to a state Superior Court indictment, filed in May, Dawn Marie Scheld; Leroy Thomas Jr., 46; Leann Thomas, 18; and Kevin Scheld,24, were charged with conspiracy to commit animal cruelty.

On Dec. 18, 2010, SPCA, with support from the township police, seized 60 dogs, two cats and one bird from SOS Rescue and Rehabilitation, also called Karma Kennel. Officials allege that the animals had lived in deplorable conditions: feces and urine covering the floors, along with a strong ammonia smell.

Many dogs were sick, and some were malnourished. Some of the females were pregnant as well.

The Humane Society of Atlantic County and the Atlantic County SPCA also took part in

the Dec. 18 raid.

More Animal Rescue Groups tie up the Courts, and for their own mistakes.

I-Team: Proper way to rescue pets

May 3, 2012 / Jim Taricani | NBC 10
Providence, RI

VIDEO: http://www2.turnto10.com/news/i-team/2012/may/03/i-team-proper-way-rescue-pets-ar-1022938/

 The NBC 10 I-Team concludes a three-part investigation into dog rescue organizations. In Parts 1 and 2, The I-Team revealed complaints against Help Save One, a group that rescues dogs from southern kill shelters. In Part 3, the I-Team explains the proper way to rescue animals.

 The I-Team exposed numerous problems with the Help Save One group and its owner, Marissa Stracaluzi.

 She’s abandoned dogs she’s rescued, leaving them at boarding kennels and not paying for their care. She’s taken money from people to adopt a dog and never delivered the dog.

 Saving a dog from a southern kill shelter needs to be done properly. The Potter League for Animals in Middletown has a great reputation in Rhode Island for rescues and doing dog adoption, by the book.

“When we finally get the animal here to Rhode Island, we will do an entire veterinary check again. We’ll run through all the records. We’ll do a behavior evaluation. We’ll quarantine them for a certain number of days, depending on what situation it’s been in before,” said Christie Smith of the Potter League.

 The I-Team investigation showed that Help Save One sometimes brings dogs from North Carolina and South Carolina with diseases and no quarantine period at all.

 When a rescue group claims a dog at a kill shelter in the South, it must meet certain criteria.

 Our investigation took the I-Team to Gaston County, N.C, where between January 2010 and April 2010, Help Save One put 23 claims on dogs from an animal shelter.

 “First of all they have to have a 501(c)(3), which is a nonprofit letter from the IRS stating they are registered as a nonprofit. They also go through a criminal background check,” said Lisa Douglas of the Lincoln County Animal Shelter.

 Help Save One is not a registered nonprofit. Dr. Ernest Finocchio, the head of Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said groups like Help Save One are scams that play on people’s emotions.

“People’s emotions with pets, they run very high. They sort of screen out everything else and they only have that tunnel vision. I am going to pay this money. I am going to save this puppy. I am going to take it home. Eventually, things don’t work out as nice as we would all like them to work out,” Finocchio said.

 But Help Save One will have a difficult time operating as it is now. New state regulations concerning the adoption, rescue and importation of out-of-state dogs into Rhode Island went into effect last week.

 Licensed Animal Shelters in Rhode Island


 RI DEM Rules and Regulations Governing Importation of Animals (pdf)