Dreaner Sanford & Cathy Campbell ties to this lawsuit

Finally we see where the CCAC Rescue Team ( again an unlicensed and unregistered rescue still as of 5/1/2012) sent animals to a lady in Greenville Nc whose home was raided by HSUS and all animals on the property were seized with most being killed due to health issues and not being seen by a Vet. ( This info comes right from the Newscast on local TV in NC) Also this ties in Dreaner Sanford as part of their team. What I’m wondering is why did these 3 ladies selectively leave out some of their team members? I bet if I dig deeper I can find this out as well. Below is the link to the Pitt County Nc Raid on Cathy Campbells’ property where the above screen shot shows the CCAC Rescue Team sent her dog’s.  ( Click on the picture to enlarge for view )


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