Melissa Impens Part of the CCAC Rescue Team

CCAC Rescue Team is not a State registered group in rescue. They only exist on a page thru Face Book, I feel that part is very important for all to understand. If they want to call themselves Seven Star Sanctuary and Rescue in the lawsuit then why don’t they use that same name when they post on Face Book or pull animals from the Columbus County Animal Shelter In NC?  I find it odd one group goes by so many different names and has several Face Book pages. It seems if you are a legit rescue group you would run, operate and use that one State Registered Business name, but these ladies do not operate in the correct fashion. Also after viewing many of the Chip In’s, I see they used several different business names that are not state registered and several different emails address that are linked to their Chip In’s thru Paypal, now again why would anyone use so many different email addresses and unlicensed business name? However here is a post under the CCAC Rescue Team profile on Face Book signed by Melissa Impens that the Vet is holding the animal hostage. She left out she and her pal’s owe this Vet over $79,000.00 in outstanding bills. Again going back to the point of this Michigan Federal Lawsuit and the main drive being these 3 ladies need money and they choose to sue others for their own bad choices. I’m sure the judge and others who see the history here will now get a better picture of what took place down in North Carolina via these 3 ladies.   ( Click on the picture to enlarge for view )


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