What name to use today


So many names to be used by these 3 ladies. Mary Jo Thomas claims in the Lawsuit that she is Seven Star Sanctuary and Rescue based in Michigan, so if that’s the case why on Facebook does she call herself Pennash CCAC Rescue ( again not a licensed or registered rescue name) as she has it listed here? Then they list the email address to contact as RescueWorker11@yahoo.com and that is not the business email address for Seven Star Sanctuary and Rescue, nor is it the email address linked to Seven Star Sanctuary and Rescue’s Paris Kentucky Paypal Account. So who is RescueWorker11@yahoo.com and who receives the money that was donated thru that email address via Paypal?  What is the obsession with the Columbus County Animal Shelter in North Carolina and why was this lawsuit not filed in their State where all the issues seem to have taken place? So many questions that to be honest I’m having a difficult time now. ( Click on the picture for larger view)


One thought on “What name to use today

  1. annie scott says:

    I can Answer that Question for you

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