Smokey the missing family dog AKA Marley

Smokey is a missing family pet that seems to be at the very root of this Federal Michigan Lawsuit brought on by 3 Ladies, 1 from Wisc, 1 from Michigan and 1 being from the UK in Wales against 3 NC REsidents, 1 South Carolina and 1 Pennsylvania resident. At some point these 3 ladies had Smokey, changed his name to Marley and as you can read above REFUSE to give him back to his family. It seems 2 Face Book pages were created around this missing family pet. 1 called Help Bring Smokey Home that was set up by friends and family in support to help get this dog back home to his family and then 1 Face Book page called The Other Side of Marley’s Story by the plaintiffs listed in this Lawsuit. Now I’m no behavior specialist but just reading this one post you sure can sence that Melissa Impens who wrote the above post refusing to give back a family pet, seems to have a lot of hate and anger. It’s not just what she posts here but her tone as well.  It could be a control issue problem but without a doubt you can feel the anger coming out of this post when she is refusing to return this family’s dog to the family.  This is very unsettling to see in Animal Rescue, I thought those in Animal Rescue worked for the better care of the animals and one would think unless abuse charges had been filed that a rescuer would return a family’s pet to them once they contacted you. I see here by these actions that’s not the case.  On a side note we know this is Melissa Impens posting under the Marley admin profile as the family had been in touch with Melissa trying to get her to return their family pet, she refused each time. ( Click on the picture to be able to view)


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