Melissa Impens asking for money again

Sometimes you need to think before you post on a public forum as once you do it’s there forever for anyone to view, let alone it can come back at bite you in the tail.

Melissa Impens here at the top of the page is asking for money for the animals that she pulled from a Nc Shelter called Columbus County Animal Shelter in Whiteville Nc. Where was their plan prior to pulling all these animals and leaving them scattered all over Nc with no means to pay for their care or homes for them to go to?

What I find more unsettling is if you see where the lady from the United Kingdom who is listed as a plaintiff in the Michigan Federal Lawsuit seems confused on who she is as she’s posting back and forth to herself and others on several different fake profile’s that she’s running on Face Book.  CCAC Resq, Penelope Shaw AshenHurst, Oscar Felinecrossposter are all the same woman.( Not to be confused with Melissa Impens). Now here again this violates Face Book’s Terms & Conditions as you are only allowed to have one personal profile and the others are to be Fan pages. But a larger concern for me is why would one person need so many personal Face Book pages? Again reverting back to the filings in the lawsuit, Penelope Ashenhurst claims in the lawsuit that she’s on the Board of Seven Star Sanctuary and Rescue in Michigan so if that’s the case why is she not posting under the Business Name or just her real birth name?

At this point I’m starting to see a pattern form  from these 3 ladies and the issues they caused down in North Carolina, I’m not sure what the Officals in North Carolina are doing about these issues but I feel it’s time their own State step up and start questioning where all their County Shelter Animals are going and find some accountability of all the money taken in via these Chip In’s thru Paypal. One would think the State Tax Dept for each State would start raising their own eye brows on the loss of tax revenue from this process.

If nothing else this Federal Lawsuit will shine a light on the Animal Rescue World which is badly needed. So some good changes might just come from this lawsuit and in the end maybe the animals will be helped by it.  ( click on picture for larger view) 

Anyone with evidence on either the Plaintiffs or Defendants in this case can email me at  I would really like to expose the entire story here.


2 thoughts on “Melissa Impens asking for money again

  1. sort of appreciated this post 🙂 not all of it – there was some things which i found a lttle bit off however overall it was a nice read, thanks for the article! 🙂 Regards!

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