Who am I today ?

Oh bow to the all mighty Chip In thru Paypal that so many Animal Rescuers live and die by on Face book. I wonder has the IRS been notified about all this income not being reported? It’s the law that anyone has to pay taxes and account of money even thru donations via a Chip In. ( I see it’s time to tag  in the IRS on a post)

So what are we looking at here, again with this Shelter in NC called CCAC or better know by their legal name, Columbus County Animal Shelter in Whiteville Nc. However this Chip In is not organized by the County yet under the name of Furmummy’s Feline Rescue. So this is another name to add to the list of names that these 3 woman use, who is Furmummy’s Feline Rescue and is it a registered rescue? I can’t find it listed on any US Secretary of State sites, not with the IRS so I assume this is being used by the lady from the United Kingdom. Is it registered in the UK? And again if it is why do these ladies not use the same name and email address for all their work? Why do they seem to split it up under different names and email address’?

Then I see this is for a parvo pup after transport on the CCAC Rescue Exodus, if this dog was held for the quarantined time prior to transport the chances of him/her breaking with parvo are slim to none unless they used an unlicesed transport.   So here we explain that proper Animal Rescue per the USDA APHIS Transport Guidelines is  that all Animal Transporters are to be licensed with the USDA and each animal should be quarantined 14 days along with have a valid and current health cert. One wonders if this pup broke with parvo after transport that these steps must have not been followed.

So I just went to the USDA APHIS Transport website and CCAC Rescue Exodus that they lised above on the Chip In is NOT a registered or licensed AHPIS UDSA Animal TRansporter nor does it have a business license, and they took this parvo sick pup to Michigan from Nc on such a long ride, this is very sad news to hear.  How many others did this parvo pup infect while on this mass transport out of NC to Michigan? When does the animal take first place in one’s care in animal rescue? Better yet how do we know this pup was sick with parvo? Where is the accounting of the Chip In funds and where is the Vet bill to reflect this pup did break with parvo and was seen by a accredited Vet?  ( Click to view larger image of picture)

Click here for USDA APHIS http://www.aphis.usda.gov/import_export/animals/animal_import/animal_imports_states.shtml


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