Penelope Ashenhurst asks for a Van

Penelope Ashenhurts who is one of the plaintiffs in this Michigan Federal Lawsuit is asking for money via another format, Powabunga.

Again I need to point out her violations on Face Book with yet another profile as you are only allowed one personal profile and the others are to be Fan Page but more to the fact that she’s asking for a van and money to be donated to CCAC Rescue Team and still as of today 5/4/2012 that is not a State Registered or Licensed Rescue or Business. Did this group get this van and if so how it is registered, was it accounted for thru IRS filings, or did they just use the cash in some other way and if so what was it used? Where are the receipts for the purchase they made from these donated  funds. Or were the donators refunded?

It’s illegal to ask for donated funds from the Public and use them in elsewhere. And I’ve looked thru 10 States so far and I can’t find where Penelope or the CCAC Rescue Team have ever filed for a Solicitation License.

So now again we need to bring the IRS in to audit this process and operating under a business name that does not exits. In the Lawsuit filed in Michigan, Penelope claims to be on the Board of Seven Star Sanctuary and Rescue, if this is the case what is she not operating under that Business name?

This is so muttled it makes one wonder if all these names and email address’ were used for the purpose of doing just this, confusing us so we don’t know which way is up.  ( Click on the picture for larger view)


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