Penelope Ashenhurst in Charge of the Chip In’s?

Melissa needs $6,000.00 by Friday shouted by Linda Wolfe.

Penelope stating back to Linda I know this as I’m the one running the Chip In’s.

There’s a whole team that works on this.  ( click on the picture for larger view)

So back to the Lawsuit that these 3 ladies filed in Michigan, Linda shouting that they need $6,000.00 by Friday shows these ladies had financial issues and had problems all along.  But then I look to the lady in the UK, Penelope who states she ‘s in charge of all the Chip In’s, this makes little sense to me. Why is someone from the UK running a donation funding program for animals in a North Carolina Shelter and where does this Furmummy name come from as I have not found it registered even in the UK as of yet. Why so many names used by 3 people? Was the sole purpose to confuse everyone from the beginning?  Or are these 3 ladies just this disorganized and forgot to learn the business aspect before they open up shop?

Then I look at her comment  ” There’s a whole team that works on this”. So if that’s the case why were the other members left off from the Lawsuit? Could it of been due to some of them live in North Carolina and it would have immediately made it impossible to file this case in the Michigan Federal Courts where they were using their friend Nicole Thompson who’s  an attorney at Hardin Law Firm based in Michigan? Or were the others afraid to be named as they knew how serious this lawsuit would become?

One would have thought the best way to handle such a situation that occurred in North Carolina is for this “Whole Team” to have cleaned up their own mistakes versus trying to blame it on anyone else.

I’m still going thru the Court filing which by the way is 16 pages, I’m looking for evidence on both side so if you have any information you would like to share please send it to


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