Face Crooks on Face Book, is this what Rescue has become ?

What once was a new an innovative way to save animals from a Shelter,  a hoarder or an abusive situation has now become an open playground for those to do more harm than good to these helpless animals.

Donations are needed for all Animals Rescue efforts  as it’s a very costly project, however some in Animal Rescue have gotten lost along the way and now have pushed aside the animals they once screamed and cried for and have directed their sights on adding only to their bank account. With Chip In’s thru Paypal or just sending money to someone via Paypal the animals seem to be seeing less and less of this money sent for their care.

One has to wonder why is it taking Paypal and the IRS so long to stop this fraudulent activity? Are they being alerted to these fraud issues, is anyone reaching out to them or are people reaching out to them and is Paypal  just dismissing the claims?  Going onto the Paypal site for their Terms & Conditions they seem to have set up some descent guidelines on who can ask for money and the steps you must take prior, but is Paypal just putting that out there for your view to look like they operate by some standards or are they behind the scenes addressing these issues and we just don’t hear about any of it they any news source?  ( Send any complaint issues with Paypal to compliance@paypal.com )

I hope before anyone donates to a Chip In or even thru PayPal they ask a few hard-hitting questions. Ask who is actually receiving the animals, their name and address, what Vet will this animal be taken to once removed or pulled from a Shelter, their contact info and I would suggest calling the Vet to verify they do in fact have that animal in their care. How is the animal getting from point A to point B? Is there a long distance transport involved, if so what is their name, who is the driver and what is their USDA APHIS License Number.

It’s your right to ask questions, along with to ask to view any receipts that you give a cause where they are asking the general public to contribute.

Know your rights as a donator and do not allow them to simply block you on Face Book when you ask these hard-hitting questions. After all if they are legit why would they mind giving you this information?

Food for thought, if you donate thru Paypal for any Animal Rescue cause you have the right to dispute the donation thru the Paypal links and they will follow-up with a full investigation of what took place. Paypal will ask the receiver of the finds to produce receipts and documentation of this event, if they can’t, then your money will be refunded to you. Never feel as if it’s not your right to ask where your money is going and if indeed it actually went to the cause you intended to send it to.

If you feel you have been taken advantage of and can not get Paypal to assist you then follow-up with an email to the IRS with any and all documentation that you can supply them. You can email them at eoclass@irs.gov


2 thoughts on “Face Crooks on Face Book, is this what Rescue has become ?

  1. timothy worel says:

    Any legit rescue should also be willing to provide auditable receipts, and have two or more independent third parties (who have no connection to each other but have a track record in rescue) to manage the chipin funds.
    I was involved in an attempt to save some cats on the NYC list. Another member of the thread suggested a chipin for transport costs, had it gone ahead, I would have asked three known and respected PODR members to manage it and release funds only against certified invoices / receipts.

  2. Judith E. Gautestad says:

    Really do not recognise this at all, I have been donating lost of money, and have also helped save a few lifes or more. But I only give to those I trust, and knows do a good job. Of course there will alsways be people like that, but you find them in all levels in society. And to give the imprescion that this is what is common is so wrong. I have been working in animal rescue for more than a year, and I know that the money goes for the dogs, and the dogs only, in half a year we have saved 15 dogs here in Europe, and one of them are mine. There are so many dedicated people, who give all their time and money for the dogs, and they would never dream of taking the money for themselves. And I admire everyone of them so much. Can say that my life changed so much, by meeting these people, I would not miss it for the world. Thank you.

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