Powabunga seems to be where you can find Penelope Shaw Ashenhurst asking for money for a great number of causes.

It’s very rare that I have seen someone in Animal Rescue asking to Vet their personal cat’s or animals, ask the general public to maintain their personal car for repairs and inspection or even to donate monies to them so they can purchase new carpet for their home.

Is this what really is taking place in the Animal Rescue world these days? If so donator please beware, it seems your donations are now going for the life style of those who want to be rich and famous off the animals on death row.

I wonder if all the member of the Seven Star Rescue and Sanctuary behave in this fashion?  We saw prior where Melissa Impens was asking for people to pay her rent, what has Mary Joe Thomas and Pam Boyce received from the donations thru their 501c3 Non profit rescue?

This is when we need the IRS to be watching the internet, maybe they will pick this up and set up a fresh audit for all these requested donations from this one group.

Click on the link for all her auctions



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