Seven Star Rescue announces Michigan location to open

December 2010

( click on picture for a larger view)

Seven Star Sanctuary & Rescue in Paris Kentucky announces their plans for a second location to open in Michigan on a North Carolina Face Book page of animals on death row in a County Shelter in Columbus County NC.

Now only using the documents I have from the State of Michigan, the Michigan location operated and ran for about 6 months without ever passing a single Inspection. Per the State of Michigan this location was visited by the Michigan Dept of Agriculture and Rural Development on May 20, 2011 and set a meeting for June 16, 2011 to discuss these issues. Per their State Documents they were in violation of MDARD MCL 287.336 Section 6.  It as also noted that this location was in full operation and had animals on sight that had been brought into the State from Southern Shelters. Many are thrilled to see Southern animals saved, but does Michigan not have any animals being euthanized daily in their own Shelters? Seems like it would be cheaper for every rescue to save in their own state and would also eliminate the use of unlicensed animal transporters and long hauls for these animals packed in tiny crates for hours after hours.

I bring this out as now we are starting to see where from the very beginning Seven Star Rescue asked for public donations as they had not set up a operating budget before taking on this business, but also the fact that on these State Papers Pam Boyce was the signature and was also listed as the CEO. So why is Pam Boyce not listed in the Michigan Federal Lawsuit as a Plaintiff? Was this an over sight from a overzealous Law Firm or a strategic plan to dissolve ties with the main Kentucky Location so they could file in a Michigan Federal Court where their good friend was employed?

Seven Star Sanctuary and Rescue has from day one asked for donations from the general public, so how is it that these few defendants made it impossible for them to collect funds years after they opened for business? Was it by speaking out about many Animal Rescuers and Animal Transports not being properly licensed or registered with their states?  So far it looks like the Defendants were on target with their statements in regards to these business filings and lack there of.

The blame game is about to be played out in court I would assume. An event we see all to often in Animal Rescue, someone makes a mistake on their own accord and they feel they need to blame other’s for their own mistakes. Grow up Animal Rescuers, learn the Rules and Regulations before you open up shop and find yourself in a world of hurt and blame everyone else instead of accepting you made a mistake, learn from it and move on.



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