Seven Star Sanctuary & Rescue Paris Kentucky

Dec 14,2010

Taken from Seven Star’s Paris Kentucky Face Book Page in their own words, we need money, it cost’s us about $125.00 a week to feed the dog’s and cat’s we have on our property.

( Click on picture for larger view)

Now we all know running an Animal Rescue is very costly, and I don’t begrudge anyone asking for help when the help goes back to the animals. However the point here is the date this plea was posted and the charge this same group filed in a Michigan Federal Court saying their funds only ran low to their Rescue due to the Defendants systemically running a defamatory enterprise against the Plaintiffs by publishing defamatory statements on Face Book.  ( I took this right from the court complaint)

Now from the court complaint itself, the case was filed on Jan 26,2012 and most references from the complaint list a timeline of late June and July of 2011 only. So how it is events that took place in June and July of 2011  on Face Book diminished their donations 7 months prior back in time of December 2010? Does someone own a time machine they used for this act to be accomplished?

This is starting to look more and more like a personal vendetta from the Plaintiffs towards this set of Defendants. So far I have been able to find no real facts or evidence to show where a systematic campaign was operated by the Defendants. If anyone has any evidence to enlighten us all please email us at


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