CCAC Rescue Team Transporting Sick Animals without Health Certs.

Responsible Animal Rescue has been a “hot” topic on Facebook for some time now and here we start to see how some of these out-of-state animal rescuers operate and the alarm for not following proper State and Animal Transport Laws.

In this post we have Penelope Ashenhurst explaining how her group is going to go to North Carolina and rescue a load of what looks to be 50 or so dogs.  That Melissa Impens is driving down from Wisconsin to meet with Mary Jo Thomas of Seven Star Sanctuary in Michigan to then head down south to Columbus County in Whiteville North Carolina to transport these animals back up North.

The Barclay Foundation has offered to take in some 20 plus puppies to their rescue in Iowa.

We also see this group asking for donations for the CCAC Exodus which is not a registered business or USDA Licensed Animal Transporter.

( click on picture for larger view)

For a better understanding of Animal Transport Laws I suggest reading:  To contact a USDA Office in your State with question or concerns I sugges:t                                        To find the State Requirements for your state I suggest:


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