Penny & CCAC Group asking people to report the Help Bring Smokey Page

Pennash CCAC Resq Page ( one of her 10 or more profiles on Facebook) asking everyone to run and report the Help Bring Smokey Home Page. Now why is it that someone feels it’s acceptable behavior to act like this just because they doesn’t like something on Facebook. To falsity a report to Facebook just to censor information is childish and against FaceBook policy. You do not run around asking people to report a page if it doesn’t fit the criteria.

The Help Bring Smokey Home Page seems to be a very sore spot for all of the CCAC Rescue Team people, why is that? This is a page for the family and friends to help get their family dog back from this same group of rescuers. Instead of being an adult and agreeing to disagree you now see Pennash ( AKA Penelope Shaw Ashenhurst) trying to get a whole page removed from Facebook just because she’s doesn’t want anyone to know about what took place with this family dog.

In red you see Pennash getting so desperate to have her way that she states that if you don’t do as she states she will DEFRIEND you.  I see this as pitiful way to try to gain censorship of only the information that she wants people to know about.

( click on picture for larger view)    As always for anyone with information on this case please email it to


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