Defendants appear to fight back in regards to the Lawsuit

I think we all waited to see how the defendants in this matter would react over time and now it seems they have moved forward to ask for help and are going to fight back.

A recent Facebook page had been added called ” For Them We Speak” along with a plea asking for donations to help them with their current legal bills.

It seems the current legal bill is over $10,000.00 and another $8,000.00 is needed just to defend this group of 5. Not knowing the legal system itself, one has to wonder why is this case still in the court system and racking up bills from what I would say for both sides? It does stop you in your tracks and make you reflect  on why this suit was initial filed doesn’t it? Is this a game of chicken we see playing out before our eyes ? Or is this a lawyers paradise of an endless billing process?  ( click on picture for larger view)


One thought on “Defendants appear to fight back in regards to the Lawsuit

  1. James says:

    For what they stand for I will back them 100% But it’s useless if they accualy don’t know the legal system they will get taken for a ride of bills and empty promises it makes me sad god I wish I could euthanise all the people that have anything to say that oppose this WAR I shall call it I mean when will humanity stop killing stuff even our Lil awesome bros

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