Michigan Attorney’s Interest in NC HSUS Property Raids

HSUS of NC along with other State & County Agencies raided a property of Cathy Campbell in Pitt County NC which we have spoken about earlier in this blog, however these two screen shots have just come to light referencing the property raid that took place which lead to 21 animal cruelty charges still going thru the court system one year later.

I do find it an odd coincidence that in the center of this raid posting on NC HSUS FB page is Nicole Thompson of the Hardin Law Firm in Michigan who again is the Law Firm that filed this Federal Lawsuit on these other Animal Advocates.  ( click on picture for larger view)

Why are so many people in Michigan keyed in to North Carolina Animal Issues? Why of all places to post on FaceBook would attorney Nicole Thompson be trying to debate with the NC HSUS FaceBook page on the events that took place and who was euthanized? This does make one wonder how close is the connection of Nicole Thompson and the CCAC Rescue Team?

Is the Hardin Law Firm taking on this case pro-bono for their attorney on staff Nicole Thompson? Could this be the real reason that this case was ever filed to begin with? One has to wonder now as things have been taking a turn and it seems from the outside looking in these defendants have been railroad by the abuse of power from a Law Firm that has very strong ties to this whole case and issues that are taking place in North Carolina.

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One thought on “Michigan Attorney’s Interest in NC HSUS Property Raids

  1. Bill Buell of NC says:

    NC is the only state, to my knowledge, that by statute allows out of state parties to file suit in issues like this. American Humane has also done so.

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