And the beat goes on with this North Carolina Slapp Suit

If you thought this case was over after both sides came out saying the Michigan Judge threw this case out for multiple reasons, well you and I would all be wrong.

It appears Susan Barrett of North Carolina has had her fill of not only this SLAPP Lawsuit but the issues that seem to still be taking place on Facebook surrounding the County Shelter Animals in her State.

My question is, where are the other 4 Defendants or the 3 original Plaintiffs? Did they all go into hiding after this lawsuit or what?

At first I must say I was not sure why Susan Barrett kept keeping the “HEAT” on her as she did but after following this Federal Lawsuit for the entire year of 2012, catching up on all the players of this game on Facebook it seems that there is a huge possibility that a much bigger issue is taking place here. Is Susan Barrett onto something that we haven’t caught up on yet? If nothing else I will say that she seems to be very confident on the issue at hand and it doesn’t seem like anyone or anything is going to stop her from telling her side of the story. So for that reason alone Susan Barrett,I say POWER On as if you keep going down this same path I have no doubt at some point you will get what you are looking for or what you’re working on as with determination like this there is no way you won’t find it.

Story line listed below

WILMINGTON, NC (WSFX) – “As a physician I am sworn to protect the health of the people I take care of in any way possible,” said Dr. David Hill, Pediatrician.
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In February of 2010, he and a woman named Kayne Darrell took concerns about Titan cement coming to New Hanover County straight to the county commissioners.

By February of 2011 both were facing a $75,000 lawsuit. Titan called the public comments slander and in the lawsuit claimed they were made knowingly without facts just to cause public friction. Dr. Hill says otherwise.

“After researching the affects of the sorts of pollutants that cement plants put out, I was quite convinced that increases in those pollutants in our area would endanger the very children that I take care of, including my own children,” said Dr. Hill.

Animals are Susan Barrett’s passion. She is the founder of North Carolina Shelter Rescue Inc. “I’m definitely a North Carolina animal advocate, I do rescue shelter animals that are on death row,” said Susan Barrett, North Carolina Rescue League.

She and four other people, including two from Southport and Whiteville, were sued individually for a total of $150,000 for speaking out on facebook about another animal rescue group called Seven Star Sanctuary. That group has people in Michigan, Wisconsin and England.

“Some of us kind of watch how many animals someone is pulling. This particular group out of Michigan started pulling a tremendous amount of animals from Columbus County. Then when we started pulling the kennel cards but none of their names were on any of the kennel cards. They were actually using a NC registered rescue 501C-3,” said Barrett.
Barrett and others then found out the same group was taking the animals they took out of the shelter to several veterinarian offices and leaving them and enormous vet bills behind. We found at least seven vets offices that cared for these animals.

We did a news story on one in Pender County that has yet to be paid in full. Other vet’s offices involved are in Robeson County and Dunn. The vet bills totaled more than a $130,000. When I called those offices, I found many have not been paid in full yet. And many have cut all ties with Seven Star Sanctuary.

It was after all this happened, that Barrett and started posting things on facebook.

“We only posted exactly what took place here in North Carolina that the Vet’s backed up with their own unpaid bills and with the kennel cards from the shelter,” said Barrett. But Seven Star Sanctuary sued saying the posts damaged their credibility.
But these citizens were speaking their beliefs. And in a country filled with free speech, some say, it’s a dangerous precedent to have citizens getting sued.

“It’s not just what’s going on with my case. I’ve started researching it we have a tremendous amount of these slap suits going on in North Carolina. They’re clogging up our court system that is already over burdened. The legislators here need to realize what’s going on and jump on board like some of the other states do and get that anti-slapp regulation passed,” said Barrett.

State Rep. Susi Hamilton believes legislation called ANTI-SLAPP is needed. SLAPP stands for strategic litigation against public participation.

“It provides them with some protection for speaking their opinion and giving their thoughts to whatever the issue is at hand without being threatened by a lawsuit by a larger industry or organization with deep pockets and lawyers and attorneys and staff that can pursue those kinds of lawsuits where in the case of the private citizen who is speaking out about a certain issue those citizens would be responsible for their own legal fees, ” said Rep. Susi Hamilton.

“I had no idea that I could be persecuted in that way for doing what I felt was my job,” said Dr. Hill.

Right now there are 28 states with ANTI-SLAPP laws. The North Carolina bill introduced by Representative Hamilton did not make it out of committee last year. But Hamilton says it could be brought up again this year.
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The Judgement is in, now what?

July 19, 2012 Judge Bell made his ruling on this case and found it would not be heard in his courtroom nor in the State of Michigan and granted the Defendants motion to dismiss based on lack of jurisdiction.

Many will agree with Judge Bell’s ruling for the simple fact that each incident and common allegation steamed from the State of North Carolina. So will the Plaintiffs now head to North Carolina to refill this case, will we be seeing the Defendants counter suing for damages, or will this be the end to this case completely?

Who paid for all these legal bills and where did all this money come from? If you listen to the rumour mill from the Plaintiffs they spent around $13,000.00, if you listen to the rumour mill for the Defendants it’s cost them about $15,000.00 and they still have growing legal bills. Such a waste of about $20,000.00 that could of been better used for animals in need don’t you think?

Was this only a money making machine from the beginning for the two laws firms, they seem to be the only winners here so far. Maybe each of these Law Firms will make a donation in the above listed amounts to North Carolina Shelter Animals since they are at the very root of this case and are the only reason all these parties came together. Law Firms make donations and write cases off all the time as pro-bono work, maybe this is the time for the lawyers involved in this case to reflect on how to make some positive difference in this world and make a charity donation for the animals versus making profit off a case that clearly the Plaintiffs Firm had to know was a waste of money and time let alone how in the world did the Defendants rack up such a high Legal Bill for a simple motion to dismiss?

So let’s take a bite of the apple and reflect, could we slow people down from running into court just because someone hurt your feelings? Or maybe you were the cause of your own pain yet you refused to change your own patterns and found filing a lawsuit was an easier choice for you, maybe look to yourself and ask why do I need to head to court before you sign on the dotted line, as so many forget when you head to court it’s the truth and nothing but the truth, not your version of the truth as you make it out to be. Judges were not born yesterday and they have seen just about every trick in the deck, so unless hands down you are a true victim with no hand in the cookie jar I suggest you stay away from any courthouse. Verification of facts will be a top priority for a judge before he signs his name on any ruling.

Either way each of this case’s as we see them come thru the courts only hurt the animals further, as each case with it’s crazy twists and turns shows the General Public just how corrupt animal rescue can get and you all lose creditability to further help the animals you all claim to want to save. Are you here for them or are you really here for yourself?

CCAC Dog’s Looking for new homes, Pender Post

Dogs looking for new homes – again Posted: Friday, September 16, 2011 12:29 pm   Updated: 12:30 pm, Fri Sep 16, 2011.           

Dogs looking for new homes – again    Jefferson Weaver The Pender Post

A number of dogs taken from the Columbus County Animal Shelter by a rescue group may be returning to their hometown.
Peter MacQueen of the Eastern North Carolina chapter of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) said the dogs are currently housed at Dr. Cynthia Burnette’s Animal Hospital in Burgaw. Burnette has boarded and kept the dogs for several months while an out-of-state animal rescue group attempted to find them homes.

Many of the animals required extensive medical care, and Burnette is reportedly asking Melissa Impens and Pennash Columbus County Animal Control Rescue (CCaC) to pay thousands of dollars for the animals’ care.

Another Pender County vet clinic, Rocky Point Animal Hospital, recently began adopting out animals left behind with past-due bills from CCaC. That facility is working with the Sunburst Foundation to screen potential new pet owners.

A woman who answered the phone at Burnette’s office Wednesday said there was no truth to rumors that the dogs would be put down by Friday if they were not adopted. She did confirm that Burnette’s staff is trying to find homes for the dogs. She refused to comment further, and said Burnette would provide additional comments later.

CCaC is a chip-in organization, which uses Facebook and other social media to raise money to rescue shelter animals. Columbus County is often targeted by such rescue groups because unwanted animals at the shelter are regularly destroyed if adoption efforts fail.

Steve Throneburg of Pender County Animal Control said he had heard Burnette may turn the animals over to the shelter there, which is a limited-kill shelter, but he had no details.

Columbus County Animal Control Supervisor Rossie Hayes said Wednesday he had not heard that the Columbus County dogs may make a return trip to the same shelter they were taken from earlier this year.

“I know nothing about it,” he said. “We’re tight on space, though, so I am not sure what we would do. I am not really sure I can do anything.”

MacQueen said Burnette has refused offers from“legitimate” rescue organizations like the national HSUS to allow them to take the dogs. Burnette is reportedly trying to sell some of the animals, all mixed-breeds, for $305 to $500 each to recoup some of her costs in caring and boarding the animals.

“She said no,”MacQueen said.

This isn’t the first time CCaC has been in the spotlight for its rescue efforts. The group is currently involved in a legal fight with a Columbus County family over a dog named Smokey that was picked up at the shelter and adopted, even while the family was attempting to recover the dog. Teresa McPherson and her husband offered to pay Smokey’s bills at Burnette’s office but were refused.

Animals pulled from the Columbus shelter by the CCaC were also confiscated from a Pitt County woman’s home recently.

According to published reports, around 50 animals were seized as part of an animal cruelty investigation.

The Humane Society of the United States, working with Pitt and Beaufort animal control agencies, seized more than 50 dogs, ducks and chickens, and two hybrid wolves at a woman’s home in Pitt County.

Officials said the animals were living in poor conditions, some were emaciated and others had minor injuries and sores. Some could not be socialized and had to be due to temperament and physical condition. No charges have been filed in that case. The owner of the home was reportedly active with CCaC and many of the dogs came from Columbus County.

MacQueen said his organization cannot afford to pay the bills at Burnette’s clinic, but is willing to adopt the animals and find homes for them to avoid their being returned to an animal shelter, where they might be killed.

“It would be a shame when there are legitimate rescuers out there willing to help for these animals to be killed over money,” he said.

Hayes said if the dogs did come back to Columbus County, “we’ll do all we can to place them.”

“It’s a shame,” he said.

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Penny & CCAC Group asking people to report the Help Bring Smokey Page

Pennash CCAC Resq Page ( one of her 10 or more profiles on Facebook) asking everyone to run and report the Help Bring Smokey Home Page. Now why is it that someone feels it’s acceptable behavior to act like this just because they doesn’t like something on Facebook. To falsity a report to Facebook just to censor information is childish and against FaceBook policy. You do not run around asking people to report a page if it doesn’t fit the criteria.

The Help Bring Smokey Home Page seems to be a very sore spot for all of the CCAC Rescue Team people, why is that? This is a page for the family and friends to help get their family dog back from this same group of rescuers. Instead of being an adult and agreeing to disagree you now see Pennash ( AKA Penelope Shaw Ashenhurst) trying to get a whole page removed from Facebook just because she’s doesn’t want anyone to know about what took place with this family dog.

In red you see Pennash getting so desperate to have her way that she states that if you don’t do as she states she will DEFRIEND you.  I see this as pitiful way to try to gain censorship of only the information that she wants people to know about.

( click on picture for larger view)    As always for anyone with information on this case please email it to

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